Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Policy sets out how we develop and implement key activities across Resources Unity.

  • Enhance the customer experience by providing high quality service, flexible product choice and educational resources and support

  • Produce responsibly while taking a considered and active approach that integrates environmental, social and governance factors

  • Keep our operational footprint small by running a sustainable workplace and always searching for ways to improve

  • Be accountable for our actions and performance and demonstrate this with clear and transparent reporting

  • Engage and collaborate with industry-leading partners to achieve our objectives, following due diligence processes that include sustainability credential checks

  • Foster an engaged, high-performance workplace with a broad range of views and experience represented at all levels

  • Contribute to the wider community by encouraging staff to volunteer and support good causes

How does this work in practice? We embed our corporate responsibility agenda into our strategic plans and decision-making processes so the whole business is involved in achieving the best outcomes for members. Our activities include:

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Climate Change Position Statement

As a global long-term manufacturer, find out how we deal with the risks and opportunities related to climate change.

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Sustainability practices

We aim for long-term relationship with the mother nature, so it makes sense to take a sustainable, future-focussed approach to our operations too

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Our workplace and employees

We foster a work environment to facilitate collaboration, engagement and high performance. Our valued employees are motivated to achieve, skilled to deliver strong outcomes for customers, and enjoy equal opportunity and fair treatment.

Global Emission Plan

Our scrap metal recycling scheme involves processing used materials into new products in order to prevent waste of
potentially useful materials. Recycling reduces the consumption of raw materials, reduces energy usage, reduces air pollution and water pollution by reducing the need for “conventional” waste disposal. It also lowers greenhouse gas emissions as compared to virgin production.

Many are surprised to learn that steel is the world’s most recycled material. Scrap metals can be recycled and used again for an indefinite period, meaning we protect and preserve some of nature’s most limited resources. Recycling is undertaken for both economic and environmental reasons. It is always cheaper to recycle steel than to mine virgin ore and move it through the process of making new steel.

Resources Unity is keen to pay you at higher rates to take you on board to this journey of better global environment.