Shell Fabrication
Shell Fabrication

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Melting & Casting
Melting & Casting

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Mill Design
Mill Design

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Shell Fabrication
Shell Fabrication

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Manufacturing Works

Melting and Casting capacity of 65,000 tonnes per year producing carbon steels, alloy steels, SG Iron, structural steels, non-ferrous and when specifically ordered heat resistance steels and stainless steels. We have a Single Casting capacity of 500 tons of steel in a 9500m² pouring area casting capacity for: Carbon steel - 600t SG Iron - 200t Non-ferrous - 2.5t Steel Ingot - 600t Foundry equipment includes: 80t, 50t, 40t Electric arc furnaces 2x150t, 2x60t Ladle refining furnace 150t, 60t VD/VOD furnace.

Machinery & Fabrication is extremely well equipped in relation to fabrication work. Over recent years the manufacturing base expanded to include some of the world largest machines. Facilities include:

More than 70 CNC based machines

  • 80,000t annual fabrication capacity

  • NDT and mechanical testing Laboratory with UT and RT equipment manned by certified technicians

More than 3000 machines (incl. >70 CNC machines) including:

  • 105mmx4000mm & 160mmx4000mm Horizontal Plate Rolls

  • Automatic welders (14x10m, 10x10m, 7×7m, 6×6m, 5×5m...)

  • Narrow Gap welding units

  • Unionmelt welding, gas shield and arc welding units

  • A 4.5m×30m shot blasting chamber

  • Multiple heat treating furnaces ranging from Ø2mx30m shaft furnace to 9mx9mx15m furnaces as well as carburizing furnaces

  • Ø16m, 13m, 12m, 10m, 5m, 4m, 2.8m, 1.6m Gear Cutting Machines

  • Ø5m, 4m, 2.8m, 1.25m CNC Gear Grinding Machines

  • 600t Overhead crane (height of 26m)

  • Other cranes include 300t, 250t, 200t, 150t, 82t, 75t, 32t and others

  • Fabrication straddle 36m x 132m

  • Three Roll Straighteners

  • Ø16m CNC Vertical Borer



· Specific Gravity

· Hardness

· Compressive Strength

· Crushing Work Index

· Rod Mill Work Index

· Ball Mill Work Index

· HPGR Testing

· Particle Size Analysis

· Lime Calcining Test

· Floatation Testing

· Drying

Mill Design


We provide comprehensive technology development and research in mining, metallurgy, coal, non-ferrous metals and building materials in the industry. The design facility employs approximately 700 staff of which more than 600 are engineers (with approximately 30 masters and doctors) involved in research and development of machinery design, manufacturing, automation, hydraulics, construction, cement, active lime, pellets plants, plant design, water supply and drainage, heating and ventilation, electrical supply and testing technology, etc.



Our team of experts is there for you

Design software


  • I-DEAS







Laboratory Simulation Further, we also run various software packages in order to simulate process circuits thereby optimizing equipment selection and operation. These software packages include:

  • JK SimMet

  • JK SimPlant

  • MillTraj

  • Various in-house programs fully equipped laboratory on site for material testing and reporting. Through material testing and analysis, we can accurately select the right equipment to meet your requirements.