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Grinding Mill

Resources Unity continues to pioneer innovations in the technology of grinding mills with more than a decade of unmatched expertise and exceptional performance by introducing innovative grinding mill lining products and grinding balls. 

These product lines are highly competitive given their manufacturing technology, material technology, and using the experience and expertise of RU to exceed your operational goals.

RU offers complex forging/casting, custom-made Mill liner for manufacturing, and supply chains. We offer mill liner supply that includes improved wear material technology, rubber steel composite liners, and steel casting liner. The experts at RU help our customers analyze the mill lining wear trend and then come up with options that can reduce the cost of ownership. 

There are a variety of upgrade options that are available for extending your equipment life, keeping your mill performing at peak efficiency, and meeting your sustainability goals. Our team of grinding experts has curated various upgrade and retrofit solutions for achieving sustainability and operational targets like better reliability, maintenance efficiency, higher power, improved energy efficiency, increased capacity, and more.

Advanced Tech

Exclusive to Resources Unity

Grinding Mill

Grinding Mill

Why Choose RU for your Grinding Mills needs? 

Experience: : With over a decade of experience in grinding mills, RU has always been the industry leader in innovative technology. RU’s unmatched expertise ensures the delivery of your premier mill based on your operational needs. While choosing your equipment, apart from keeping in mind our mill performance, we also consider the fact that how the mill will be optimizing your minerals processing circuit.

Versatility: Grinding mills and balls offered by RU make up the widest array of grinding mills in the industry. Irrespective of your needs or applications, we have solutions that help in optimizing your operation.

Performance: The mills are built with robust components and designed to eliminate the unplanned downtime that leads to high reliability and availability.

Integration and serviceability: Our expertise is in analysis and trend of wear components in the mill, and then customize the wear component where necessary to debottleneck.

Grinding Mill

Grinding Ball

The core value of RU is inherited by the Steel ball. We provide consistency in product quality by taking ownership of every move of the business. We are acknowledged for doing things from the perspective of the users. During the making process of grinding balls, we put special emphasis on hardening and ball compactness that, reduces the cross-section hardness across the product body.  

  • Improve the product life of grinding media
  • Improve power consumption and grinding efficiency
  • Less loss of roundness/ deformation after use
  • Inspections: From in-mill scan, we provide detailed custom inspection for your mill as well as its key components.

  • Upgrades and retrofits: All your existing assets are capable of taking on some significant improvements. We assist you in the identification of retrofit options for their implementation.

  • Life Cycle Services: We have customized service packages that focus on parts inventory and supply, process optimization, maintenance, and more.

Grinding Mill


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