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Drill Bits

Resources Unity invests considerable resources in the development of material technology and mechanical design configuration to improve product performance. The carbide drill bits are widely used in hard rock mineral mines, while P.C.D. is in coal mines as well as the oil and gas industry.  

We work with P.D.C, carbide tipped, solid carbide, and high-speed steel in custom carbide form. RU differentiates itself by maintaining its advantage in material technology with constant R&D advancement in the field, with capability of producing high precision component paired with reliable mechanical spares supplier source to construct high performing unit. 

Raise-bore Cutter: Cutter component is one of the critical cost factors in evaluating business efficiency and profitability. The performance of the high-wear component requires consistency, continuity, and reliability, especially in underground business. 

The proven design, strict inspection procedures, branded component source, and manufacturing expertise at Resources Unity prove that we routinely produce efficient and mission-critical tools. We construct and offer a range of cutters in various materials of construction to suit applications. 

Customization to achieve the performance requirement plays a vital role in this product line.

RU’s competitive advantage is to outperform your current product where possible by;

1. Identify areas for improvement by breaking down the unit by mechanical component, mechanical design, wear parts, insert grade, wear profile and simulation process 
2. Tailor made hard-material insert technology to suit 
3. Customize a product by review of product wear 
4. Construct a product to improve 

By partnering with RU, you can expect an informed decision-making process by understanding how improvement can be made and what is possible.

  • Custom made option as per individual requirements
  • Excellent wear resistance and penetration rates
  • High Precision parts to fit perfectly
  • For follow-on orders, full reproducibility is obtained by documenting every relevant production parameter
  • Lower cost of operation by material technology or mechanical design, or combined to achieve better financial outcome
  • Custom stock arrangement capability
  • Simplify customer business process by multiple goals with one source of supplier
  • Local repair and refurbish partner network
Cutter & Drill


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